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What is OAuth2?

To use one or more Ultimaker services, you'll need to authenticate your application. For this we follow the OpenAuth 2.0 (OAuth2) standard. You might recognize this standard from other popular API based services like Google, GitHub and Twitter. More specifically, we support the Authorization code grant type, which allows the user to securely login on our servers before being redirected back to your application.

Request client credentials

In order to implement OAuth2 you'll need to request client credentials from Ultimaker. You can do this by sending an email to If the request is accepted, you'll receive a client ID and secret which are needed to perform the OAuth2 flow.


Not everyone is automatically eligible for receiving Cloud API credentials. Please check our support website to see if you are eligible for receiving Cloud API credentials.

Implementing the OAuth2 flow

Follow our detailed OAuth2 flow guide to connect your application.


The list of available scopes is available here.