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FAQ - General

Which standards does Ultimaker follow for offering the cloud APIs

We follow the JSON API specification for the response and request formatting, and the OpenAPI specification for documentation. We use OAuth2 for authentication and authorization, including the OpenID Connect extension.

Are all possible requests and responses documented on this website

Yes. The documentation website retrieves the API specs from the live APIs, which are generated from the running code. This means that all possible request and response parameters are automatically part of the documentation, including meaningful examples. Field constraints are also documented, like valid enumeration values or valid number ranges, for example all the possible printer status values. Most details can be found in the ‘model’ tab of each endpoint spec.

All possible error types are part of the OpenAPI specification of each service, but they might not appear in the interface of the documentation website.

You can also explore the APIs by throwing their /spec endpoint into your own OpenAPI visualization tools. The root endpoint of each service can be found on the documentation website.

Is there a limit to the amount of API requests that can be done

We have implemented rate limiting for certain endpoints to increase security. Most endpoints however can be called often and respond quickly. For polling interactions like updating the status of remote printers it is advised to request a status update no more than once every 10 seconds as in practice the status of the printer does not change often. This reduces load on our servers.


Availability of the APIs might change in the future depending on server load from growing usage or new business models.